No matter whether you live, work, or play in the city of Pacific Grove,
as Mayor, I want your voice to be heard.

Dionne for Pacific Grove

Meet Dionne

Dionne Ybarra Dionne arrived in Pacific Grove as a young mother in the early 90’s to raise three sons with her then husband.  Dionne was working as a Parent Educator assisting mothers through childbirth when she became a community activist campaigning to protect the rights of families. Having served on community boards, environmental committees, and with two Appointed Seats on County Commissions, Dionne is a voice that advocates for our diverse community.  She is deeply committed to the well-being of Pacific Grove and as Mayor, will strive to engage an enriched community that is
Driven by YOU.

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When a city is driven by community, every voice matters!   
Let's elevate Pacific Grove to be the best city
to live, work, and play!


What Matters



Making it easier for citizens and business owners to express their concerns by creating more opportunities for connecting face to face.



Going above and beyond in the city’s reporting obligations and being forthcoming in our weaknesses as a city so that we can more effectively problem solve.



Collaborating with state, county, non-profit organizations, and foundations to better utilize the expertise of our citizens and create opportunities for small businesses.



Recognizing and bringing together our diverse community in a way that enriches one another’s lives.


environmental stewardship

Creating a sustainable commission that engages our community to take an active role in caring for our natural resources and being a leader in sustainability.


A Shared Vision

Dionne's supporters believe in the power of an enriched community.  
They believe in holding on to the values that nourish a small town.  Where children know they are supported by their community and trust their input matter.  Where a community full of experts, business owners, and families have a voice.  And where new residents get acquainted with the city through seaside walks with the Mayor.

In a city driven by community, there is transparency in the city’s reporting and candidness over the city’s weaknesses.  Connected communities take a collective consideration for one another’s well-being and celebrate diversity.  We appreciate the significance of our historical and natural resources and take an active role in preserving them.  

An enriched community is Driven by YOU!  Let’s bridge the communities in our small town, including all of those those that live, work, and play here, and elevate Pacific Grove to be the best place it can be!

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"I feel very grateful that I am in a position and time in my life that I can give back to the community that
I have raised my children in for 20 years."

~ Dionne Ybarra