As Mayor I will bring a fresh perspective and follow through to our city government. 
I will do it…Driven by YOU




improving accessibility


I am very passionate about engaging our community members with their local government. I believe that city government is in place to support, understand and actively engage with the community that it is elected by.  I will seek more opportunities for community gatherings, public meetings and events that will bring the diversity of our community together in a way that enriches one another’s lives. I will create a newsletter that will give monthly updates for community members to feel more connected and in reach of the Mayor.  More opportunities to build trust between government and community members will strengthen our political process.


leveraging resources

When my son was 3 he thought we lived on an island! He asked one day, “mama, are we going off of our island today?!” I believe it was because we rarely had to leave our island! In the 90’s there were no box stores to go to so much of what we needed on the day to day was right here in Pacific Grove. There are many ways we can still live and shop locally. We have a local market, banks, restaurants, coffee shops, repair shops and retail stores that I have been faithful to shop in for 20 years. As Mayor I will work to support our local businesses and recruit new ones. They shouldn’t have to only rely on tourists, they can be appealed to locally by also drawing in neighboring communities.  I believe with teamwork we can generate our local economy and think with innovation on how to leverage our resources to welcome businesses into Pacific Grove as well as attract events.  I am a supporter of Monterey Bay Community Power and Public Water Now . Both will leverage the power and resources of community members keeping decisions and our money out of the pockets of Corporations.


addressing Transparency

Pacific Grove Residents are crying out for more transparency in our local government.  As an Operations Manager and member of the Finance Team for a “gold-standard” global environmental non-profit, I have learned that accountability and transparency in reporting on projects and finances leads to organizational success.  I will take my experience working with these organizations to address the weaknesses in transparency that the city is currently experiencing.  There are many reporting obligations that the city has and I believe being more forthcoming in many of those areas is vital to overcoming the hurdles that have kept us from building a better city. 

Inclusive-01 (1).png

Ensuring Inclusivity

The youth in Pacific Grove are important stakeholders whose voices are often left out of decision making.  As a route to inclusiveness, I will create a Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission. This commission will invite Pacific Grove's youth, between the ages of 12 and 18 to offer guidance on issues affecting our community's youth. They make recommendations to the city council as well as create their own youth master plans. Commissioners will be encouraged to initiate educational campaigns, organize conferences, and plan community events around youth issues (i.e. education, public safety, community engagement). 

As a supporter of inclusion I will also look outside of our community to the organization Monterey Bay Economic Partnership who is working as the leader in our area as a Housing Advocate. In the past they were asked to support a mixed use project in Pacific Grove but had to deny their support because the project did not include a workforce housing component. I aim to look to the future to ensure our community members who are one rent increase away from being priced out of Pacific Grove are taken into consideration.

Lastly, and importantly if the upcoming Ballot Initiative does not pass that will limit Short Term Rentals (STRs) in our community, we will need to have a plan to move forward that will respect those that have felt disillusioned with the rapidly growing STRs. We need to define our community with policies that consider the voices of those that have chosen to retire, work, live, and raise their families in Pacific Grove and are feeling a sense of loss and disruption over their once small town. If the Ballot Initiative passes then we will need to seek out sound sustainable revenue streams and practice fiscal resourcefulness if it in fact turns out we need to make up for lost revenue through lost TOT. Either way we will need to do better in serving our community and regain trust that was lost through a mismanaged system that resulted in neighbors against neighbors and a community that on both sides feel their rights have been taken away.


embracing Environmental stewardship

As an Environmental Candidate who is the Founder of an Environmental Non-Profit and an employee of a large scale global environmental non-profit, I embrace "the realization that people and nature are inextricably linked, that life on earth depends on healthy, intact, fully functioning natural systems"(United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).  Our need to protect the natural ecosystems on the Peninsula is a high calling and one that is inspiring to want to take care of!  My intentions as Mayor are to create a city-led initiative based on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals that champions environmentally sustainable solutions and to promote local environmental initiatives through the partnerships I've developed with local non-profit organizations.